Comarigoto Tiếp nhận tư vấn

Vui lòng điền vào các mục sau càng nhiều càng tốt để có thể tư vấn một cách trôi chảy

■Biệt danh (nick name)
■Giới tính
■Độ tuổi
■Nơi ở

【Notes on use】
・The consultation is provided by a team. If necessary, we may obtain consent and share the details of the consultation with a support organization.
・In order to improve a quality of consultation, we may be ask for questionnaire after the consultation.
・We prohibit you to release, transfer, and make a copy of what is written.
・The content of the consultation may be used for the statistical purposes without identifying individuals.
・When we determine that there is a life-threatening danger, we may contact the relevant organizations such as police to ensure safety.